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Cleantech DTI c-Series (4°C - 25°C)

Irreversible temperature label with visual and digital indication, integrated with passive RFID or NFC tag.

Introducing the DTI c-Series, a revolutionary time-temperature tracking label that provides both visual and digital indicators in a single device. The label changes its color and digital status when exposed to temperatures exceeding a critical threshold over a certain period of time. 


The DTI label technology exploits the advantages of our specially developed thermoresponsive materials to offer a cost-effective wireless, digital statusinterface via RFID or NFC. The DTI c-Series offers a battery-free solution with safe D&C-grade materials, multiple label readings at a time to increase efficiency, and a compatible solution for item-level temperature monitoring in logistics and production. 


Upgrade your temperature monitoring system today with DTI c-Series!


  • Dairy products temperature monitoring

  • Temperature monitoring in cold chain logistics

  • Wine storage

  • Blood storage

  • Vaccine transportation

Key Benefits

  • Activation system for critical temperatures below room temperature

  • Delay mechanism

  • Irreversible change allows tracking of thermal history

  • Battery-free device

  • Compatible with the existing RFID/NFC infrastructure

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