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CPHI South East Asia 2023

Updated: Feb 28

12-14 July 2023, Bangkok, Thailand.

CPHI is the largest and most sought-after event in the pharmaceutical industry, serving as a platform to bring pharma professionals together, create opportunities, foster collaboration across the global supply chain, and drive new innovation. The South East Asia 2023 edition was held in Bangkok during 12-14 July 2023.

Cleantech & Beyond was invited to join the Innovation Stage co-organized by World Packaging Organisation (WPO) and Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Associate (AIPIA). The session saw Prof. Pierre Pienaar from WPO discussed how advanced materials can enable/enhance active & intelligent packaging and Andrew Manly from AIPIA showed the advances in barcodes & QR codes that go further than basic ID functions.

Dr. Pichaya Pattanasattayavong, our CEO & CTO, took the stage to present how the DTI Digital Temperature Indicator from Cleantech & Beyond can help prevent losses of temperature-sensitive items, highly crucial for the transportation and storage of pharmaceutical products. The DTI can be deployed down to item-level and allow readings of multiple tags at the same time based on the RFID technology which does not require the line-of-sight. With its battery-free operation, the DTI enables the continuous tracking of the temperature status from the manufacturing point through the supply chain to the usage point. See more about our uniquely innovative DTI Digital Temperature Indicator.

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