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Mitsubishi Electric Award from Tech Plan Demo Day Thailand 2023

Updated: Mar 7

22 July 2023, Bangkok, Thailand.

TECH PLAN DEMO DAY is one of the programs in the TECH PLANTER ecosystem organized by Leave a Nest, on organization founded in Japan with a mission to create a better future through the Knowledge Manufacturing Process - creation and utilization of new knowledge to solve global issues. Their work encompasses four key aspects of societal development: Education Development, Human Development, Research Development, and Frontier Development. Leave a Nest now has offices in Southeast Asia, UK, and USA.

Belonging to Leave a Nest's Frontier Development Project, TECH PLANTER is an acceleration program for deep-tech startups (those focusing on R&D and manufacturing). It provides an ecosystem that brings together universities, research institutes, early-stage startups, small factories to support prototyping, financial investors, and large corporations seeking partnerships with innovators. Their aim is to connect passionate academic researchers or early-stage deep-tech startups with promising technologies with large corporations, business professionals, and manufacturing factories in order to advance toward the successful implementation or commercialization of their technologies.

For TECH PLAN DEMO DAY Thailand 2023, Cleantech & Beyond were one of the nine finalists who had been selected from 35 competitors from Southeast Asia. Our company presented how DTI Digital Temperature Indicator can help reduce food waste to a panel of esteemed judges, who came from organizations with strong expertise in deep-tech investment: InnoSpace Thailand, KX Knowledge Exchange, Bank of Ayudhya PCL, National Innovation Agency (NIA), NASTDA Holding, True Digital Park, Ezaki Glico, Mitsubishi Electric, and Real Tech Holdings Singapore.

The competition was tough as all finalists possessed advanced technologies that were each developed to offer practical solutions for crucial global issues. We are very proud that Cleantech & Beyond received the Mitsubishi Electric Award for our DTI technology!

The Digital Temperature Indicator / DTI is not limited to only tracking temperature-sensitive products, such as pharma and food, but can be applied for preventive maintenance and process verification as well.

We wish to thank Leave a Nest for organizing this event. Our company will continue our discussions with Mitsubishi Electric for the potential collaboration and look forward to finding more partners in Japan.

Photos credit: Last picture from Leave a Nest

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