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The Mitsubishi Electric Award from the TECH PLAN DEMO DAY Thailand 2023

Cleantech and Beyond and the other eight finalists presented our innovations at TECH PLAN DEMO DAY Thailand 2023 at KMUTT KX Building in Bangkok. All finalists were selected from 35 competitors from South East Asia. Our company was demonstrated the products in Food Technology tracking to the judges, who expertise in deep tech investment such as Innospace, National Innovation Agency (NIA), Nastda Holding, True Digital Park (TDK), Ezaki Glico, Mitsubishi Electric and Real Tech Holding Singapore.

The Digital Temperature Indicator / DTI is not limited to only tracking temperature-sensitive products, such as pharma and food, but can be applied for preventive maintenance and process verification as well.

Thank you to Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. for organizing this event. We will continue our discussions with Mitsubishi Electric and look forward to finding more partners in Japan.

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