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Interview - Sustainability Awards 2023 Finalist

Updated: Feb 28

Following our announcement that Cleantech & Beyond was selected as one of the finalists for the prestigious Sustainability Awards 2023 in the Active & Intelligent category, our interview with Packaging Europe is now published! We discuss about the novelty and impact of our DTI Digital Temperature Indicator on smart packaging and sustainability.

Here is an excerpt:

By constructing the DTI from our patented thermoresponsive materials, our technology offers three key features in one device: battery-free operation for continuous monitoring; a data-logging functionality for temperature excursion events; and a wireless digital interface for integration with the enterprises’ inventory, transportation and warehouse management systems.
These features and the cost-effectiveness of DTIs enable them to be used in smart packaging for tracking temperature-sensitive products at item-level from the manufacturing point, during transportation and warehousing, through to the storage and usage point by end users. When a temperature excursion event occurs, the operator can detect the problem on individual packaging and discard only the spoiled item instead of destroying the whole lot as commonly done in practice. As such, the DTI can help significantly reduce waste and total carbon footprint in the supply chain.

Read the full interview article here.

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