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Cleantech DTI


Our DTI Digital Temperature Indicator is an irreversible indicator label that allows temperature-tracking at item-level or component-level.


DTI displays the status in both visual and digital formats when an item is exposed to temperatures above a specific threshold. The core technology is based on specially formulated, patented thermoresponsive materials.


DTI is created to broaden the usage of passive RFID/NFC labels from just tracking item ID to include sensing.


DTI expands the usability of passive RFID/NFC labels beyond the conventional item tracking while providing the digitization of analog temperature labels at the same time.

The benefits of the two technologies, passive RFID/NFC labels and time-temperature indicators, are combined in the revolutionary DTI.

DTI's key novelty is the ability to constantly track the ambient temperature of an attached item or equipment without any external power sources – no need for batteries or persistent RF interrogation.


The indicated status can be visually inspected by operators/users and digitally read through an RFID/NFC interrogator. The DTI is designed to be fully compatible with the existing RFID/NFC infrastructure/applications with minimal modifications.


The cost of a DTI is comparable to traditional RFID/NFC labels with similar dimensions and usage. The usage of DTI helps ensure the quality of temperature-sensitive products as well as safety and performance of equipment and machinery.

Improve the efficiency of your operation with Cleantech DTI.

DTI Key competitive advantages
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