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IRPC at Nano Tech Japan 2020

Updated: Feb 28

29-31 January 2020, Tokyo, Japan.

IRPC Public Company Limited, a leading integrated refinery and petrochemical company in Thailand, participated in the Nano Tech Japan 2020 at Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, during 29 - 31 January 2020. The company showcased its environmental-friendly innovation products.

Since public concerns for the environment are growing substantially, chemical substances that are hazardous to the environment and/or health are being regulated and expected to be reduced. In accordance with the importance of environmental, social, and corporate governance as well as the vision in driving innovation for sustainable business growth, IRPC establishes its roadmap to engage in new product research and development in advanced materials, in collaboration with technology and business partners.

Two of the innovative products from the company’s roadmap have been introduced at the event including the Organic Conductive Inks.

Organic Conductive Inks

IoT technology, including RFID, printed sensors, and printed smart electronics, is expected to monitor, track, and link information from physical items to the digital world. The technology is gaining momentum in item-level tracking of goods, which requires billions of RFID tags per year. Disposable RFID tags eventually become waste.

Silver and aluminum nanoparticles, which are currently used as the main conductive materials for RFID antenna, have anti-microbial activity towards many pathogenic microbes. But these properties have potential toxic effects on human health and the environment. The trend in the industry is to find alternative solutions and materials to reduce or repel additional toxic wastes to the earth.

The Organic Conductive Inks are developed without any metal content, formulated for printed electronics, including RFID antenna printing, electrode, and sensor printing. RFID antenna produced from our Organic Conductive inks will eventually be decomposed with no harm to the environment. The products aim to create a change in the printed electronics and RFID industry.

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