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Cleantech DTI a-Series (30°C - 70°C)

Irreversible temperature label with visual and digital indication, integrated with passive RFID or NFC tag.

 DTI a-Series is an irreversible temperature indicator label that enables temperature tracking at item-level and displays the device status in both visual and digital formats, termed a “Digital Temperature Indicator” or “DTI” label. For the visual indication, the color panel irreversibly changes from white to red when the device reaches a critical temperature. In parallel, the DTI status can also be detected via an RFID interrogator (for RFID version) or an NFC smartphone (for NFC version). The DTI label technology is based on a physical transformation of our specially developed thermoresponsive materials at a particular temperature without any needs for a power source or battery. DTI a-Series offers a cost-effective solution for an item-level temperature monitoring system in logistics and production. The advantages of the technology are compatible with the existing RFID/NFC smart label production, RFID/NFC devices, standard, and infrastructures.



  • Preventive maintenance of electrical/electronic equipment

  • Temperature monitoring of rotating machine parts or mechanical instruments

  • Monitoring household items

  • Solar panel temperature monitoring

  • Quality control of paint drying

Key Benefits

  • Irreversible change allows tracking of thermal history

  • Battery-free device

  • Low-cost suitable for item-level tracking

  • Compatible with the existing RFID/NFC infrastructure



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