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DTI for Preventive Maintenance - Part 2

Updated: Apr 5

Continuing from Part 1, in which we introduced:

  • Importance of temperature monitoring in preventive maintenance

  • What DTI is

  • Why is DTI good for preventive maintenance

  • How and where DTI is used

  • And the benefits of DTI

We conclude in Part 2 with real use cases and the key results.

DTI makes temperature monitoring in preventive maintenance a simple task. Multiple DTI tags can be simultaneously scanned, and the data sent to the management systems on the IT infrastructure directly.

Reviews from DTI users

Previously, we had never measured the temperature in this area because it is underground, with a relatively narrow and hazardous access. Since installing the DTI, we can now monitor the temperature continuously without the need to access the area below, allowing us to realize that the temperature in this area is very high, which directly affects the efficiency of the machinery. DTI is very useful for us especially in preventive maintenance tasks.

Maintenance Manager

Manufacturing Facility, Global Multinational Company

The DTI can significantly reduce the time required for the maintenance team to rapidly monitor the temperature of machinery located at height and in underground areas. It informs the team of the maximum temperature during operation, enabling the maintenance team to plan equipment utilization accurately and appropriately.

Assistant Manager

Maintenance Engineering Group, Global Multinational Company

Installation and operation of the DTI Gecko Tag, which allows the safe and convenient temperature-monitoring of equipment located in hard-to-reach places or danger areas.

DTI technology has emerged as a transformative advancement in RFID technology. It seamlessly integrates with existing RFID systems, adding valuable temperature monitoring capabilities. This integration not only enhances data collection but also opens up new possibilities for optimizing operations and ensuring regulatory compliance.

RFID Specialist

The DTI is an exceptionally compelling product poised to elevate the temperature label industry. Its ability to seamlessly convert analog displays to digital without interruption reduces data recording errors and streamlines operations. We anticipate strong market reception of this technology.

Temperature Label Distributor 

Key benefits of DTI

  • 40% increase in the range of temperature monitoring

  • 95% increase in the frequency of temperature status monitoring

  • 60% reduction in time to monitor the temperature status (3 tags / 1 device)

  • Simultaneously monitor temperature status up to 100 tags / sec

  • Preventive maintenance cost saved by 35%

  • 70% reduction in time required for collecting and analyzing data

  • 50% reduction in time for recalling maintenance history

  • 95% reduction in human error in recording data

  • 90% reduction in time required for preventive maintenance in inaccessible area

  • Significantly minimize the risk from working in danger area


DTI Digital Temperature Indicator from Cleantech & Beyond is the first of its kind: a battery-free, temperature-tracking device with a wireless digital interface. With RFID connectivity, using DTI tags can simplify the inspection and streamline data collection, enabling seamless integration with facilities management IT system. Different tag types are available for deployment at component-level as well as for monitoring machinery located in inaccessible areas. In effect, the implementation of DTI technology makes the preventive maintenance programs more efficient and more comprehensive. Ultimately, this translates into higher productivity, reduced downtime, and cost savings for our customers.

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