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15 March 2024, Rayong, Thailand.

Thailand's National Innovation Agency (NIA) visited VISTEC in Wangchan Valley, Rayong, to sign an MOU on the "Promotion of Innovation and Development of Innovation Ecosystem based on Frontier Science and Technology" with VISUP and VISTEC (recent article about VISTEC where Cleantech & Beyond's technology was developed and VISUP who funded our establishment).

NIA was established to transform Thailand's manufacturing supply chain into value chain. The aim is to create a national innovation ecosystem that enhances competitiveness and sustainability in Thailand’s economy and society. And to achieve this, NIA has several channels:

  • Providing direct funding to create and utilize innovations (both technological and social) via many types of grants to startups, SMEs, and corporates.

  • Providing insights, knowledge, and training programs about innovation.

  • Developing business and innovation networks at the national, regional, and international levels through various activities and projects.

On the day, six present and upcoming deep-tech startups form VISTEC also pitched their technologies and business ideas to NIA. From Cleantech & Beyond, Dr. Pimpisut Worakajit, our General Manager, took the stage to present our next development project. We received great feedback and are on track to advance our DTI Digital Temperature Indicator products into a more complete solution that will best serve our customers' needs.

Photos credit: VISTEC Facebook page & our team members

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