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Clean Technology
for Sustainable Environment

Digital Temperature Indicator (DTI)

Irreversible temperature label with visual and digital indication, integrated with a passive RFID or NFC transponder

Cleantech & Beyond’s Digital Temperature Indicator or DTI offers a novel smart label solution for tracking temperature-sensitive products at item-level. With battery-free operation, the DTI indicates a temperature excursion event both visually and electronically, allowing the status to be monitored manually as well as digitally and wirelessly via RFID/NFC.  


Conductive ink

Conductive inks enable the commercialization in the near future of printed electronics applications. Our Carbon-Graphene nano-materials have proved to be ideally suited for ink formulation. Carbon-Graphene conductive ink features exceptional electrical conductivity, lightweight printed pattern, good printability, medium curing conditions with the cost competitiveness. It can be printed on a variety of base materials such as PET, paper, and others, and can retain the mechanism of the printed layers. ​ We endorse the Ecological Design as a foundation to develop our Organic Conductive Inks and Pastes with consideration for the environmental impacts while balancing the cost-effective demand to provide a better and efficient solution for printed electronics.

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