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Clean Technology
for Sustainable Environment


Digital Temperature Indicator


Irreversible temperature label with visual and digital indication, integrated with a passive RFID or NFC transponder


CLEANTECH & BEYOND’s Digital Temperature Indicator, 
or DTI, offers a novel smart label solution for tracking temperature-sensitive products at item-level.


With battery-free operation, the DTI indicates a temperature excursion event with both visual and electronic signals, allowing the status to be monitored manually as well as digitally and wirelessly via RFID/NFC.  


Conductive Ink

Printed electronics applications

Our Carbon-Graphene nanomaterials have proved to be ideally suited for ink formulation. The ink features exceptional electrical conductivity, lightweight printed pattern, good printability, medium curing conditions with the cost competitiveness.


Our inks can be printed on a variety of base materials such as PET, paper, and others. ​ We endorse the Ecological Design as a foundation to develop our Conductive Inks and Pastes with consideration for the environmental impacts while balancing the cost-effective demand to provide a better and efficient solution for printed electronics.

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