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AIPIA World Congress 2023

Updated: Feb 28

14-15 November 2023, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

At AIPIA World Congress last year (2022 edition), our co-founders first introduced the DTI Digital Temperature Indicator to the audience and received great feedback (also resulting in an ongoing development project). This year, Cleantech & Beyond joined again in full, taking a booth at the beautiful Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. In addition, Dr. Pichaya gave a presentation about our company and technology at the Innovation Zone.

Our booth was also next to OpenMonitor, a startup from Germany whom we had an online joint pitching together in April 2023. We also have a collaborative project to develop a joint technology, finding an innovative way to utilize our core thermoresponsive sensor to combine with OpenMonitor's smart label! This further emphasizes the novelty of our technology and its wide-ranging applications. We are thrilled to see our DTI Digital Temperature Indicator gaining very strong interest from across the industry.

And for the concurrent Sustainable Packaging Summit, Cleantech & Beyond was also one of the finalists in the prestigious Sustainability Awards 2023 in the Active & Intelligent category (links to previous posts below). Even though we did not win the final prize, we are very proud that our young company and novel technology were featured alongside great innovations from many big names in the industry! See the list of winners here.

The two events held together brought a big crowd from all aspects related to packaging: solutions/technology providers, brand owners, and retailers. It presented a perfect opportunity for our company to demonstrate how DTI can track the temperature status of products, reduce loss, and enhance overall supply chain efficiency. During the events, we had the chance to engage with existing partners, as well as establish connections with numerous new ones.

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Photos credit: first three by event organizer.

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