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Auto-ID & Communication Expo 2023

Updated: Feb 28

13-15 September 2023, Tokyo, Japan.

At the Auto-ID & Communication Expo 2023, Cleantech & Beyond brought the DTI Digital Temperature Indicator technology to the Japanese market, with the current focus on preventive maintenance applications. We are thrilled to have LEGASYS, our business partner, to help us connect with customers and users in Japan. The new demo kit for preventive maintenance also did it job well, attracting a huge amount of interest from participants. Over the three days of the event, 100+ visitors from more than 50+ corporates visited our booth.

The innovative DTI is the first of its kind in the market: temperature-sensing digital tag with RFID communication and no need for a battery. For preventive maintenance applications, DTIs can be applied on various locations, down to the component-level. The RFID communication provides a digital gateway that allows a seamless integration with the maintenance management IT system.

The Japanese market, with its strong focus on quality checks, is our key target. Many factories are already employing temperature indicator labels for the same purpose; Cleantech & Beyond's DTI technology offers a simple digital transformation of the often-cumbersome process of manually checking the indicators one-by-one.

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