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PMUC Research for Thailand’s Competitiveness 2023

26-27 April 2023, Bangkok, Thailand.

The Program Management Unit (PMU) is preparing to hold the event "PMUC Research for Thailand's Competitiveness 2023," showcasing research and innovations that have passed the prototype stage in the laboratory (TRL4) and are ready for commercialization (TRL9) with funding support from 8 working groups. These groups include High-Value Food Group, Health and Medical Group, Energy, Chemistry, and Bio-based Materials Group, Tourism and Creative Economy Group, Digital Platforms Group, Circular Economy Group, Future Mobility Systems Group, and Rail Logistics Systems Group.

Not only the exhibition showcasing research works that have become real products successfully launched into the market, but this event also provides a seminar on igniting economic growth from leading CEOs of the country to guide success in business ventures. Dr. Pichaya Pattanasattayavong, our CEO and CTO, was invited as a participant for seminar on "The success of driving research work towards commercialization". His talk was mainly focus on elucidating the pivotal aspect of transforming fundamental laboratory research into commercial products. The discussion likely encompassed the essential strategies, methodologies, and factors essential in the process of successfully transitioning research findings into market-ready innovations that can be effectively commercialized.

Our DTI product started from the material development in Electronic Devices and Materials Innovation Lab, led by Dr. Pichaya Pattanasattayavong, investigating thermoresponsive materials for temperature indicator. At the initial phase, our company was supported by PMUC funding, under a collaboration between Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC) and IRPC Public Company Limited. This project aims to converting fundamental knowledge (material recipe optimization) into marketable products (up-scale manufacturing production).

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