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Leave a Nest - Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference 2023

25 November 2023, Bangkok, Thailand.

Following our participation in Leave a Nest's Tech Plan Demo Day back in July (which we won the Mitsubishi Electric Award! Read about it here from our previous post), Dr. Pichaya, our CEO & CTO, was invited to join the Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in the Keynote Session: Building Global Hub the Thai Way. The panel discussed the uniqueness and strengths of the Thai culture and how these factors could affect the startup ecosystem and opportunities. Three further sessions also brought about very interesting perspectives from veteran startup founders, senior corporate executives, and experienced researchers.

  • Culture, Innovation, Collaboration: Thailand's Pillars for a Contemporary Society

  • Unlocking Thailand's Potential: Transportation System through Integration

  • Beyond the Stars: Unleashing the Potential of Space Technology for a Thriving Planet

The day started off with the 'Research Splash' - researchers were give a few minutes on the stage to talk about their research projects. The time limit made it very challenging, but everyone did a fantastic job! The audience then had the opportunities to discuss with the researchers during the poster session and breaks.

The event was an excellent opportunity to network with Thai deep-tech startups, such as Blue Oak (indoor fall detection system), FleXARs (antifouling film - overall winner of the Tech Plan Demo Day 2023), and Muu (dairy-free milk) - all fellow alumni from Leave a Nest program. Several overseas startups also participated in the event to explore business opportunities in Thailand.

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