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ProPak Asia 2023

Updated: Feb 28

12-15 June 2023, Bangkok, Thailand.

Following ProPak Asia 2023 held in Bangkok during 12-15 June 2023, where Cleantech & Beyond was also invited to share our innovation, Andrew Manly gave a very interesting perspective in this article.

ProPak Asia is a premier international trade event for the packaging and processing technology, encompassing a wide range of industries: food & beverage, agriculture, personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). The event brings together industry leaders, business owners, and experts to exchange their cutting-edge, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions for the industries.

The event was an excellent venue to demonstrate how our technology can help tackle the problems many in the industry are facing - wastage of products due to high temperature during the transportation or storage. As presented by Dr. Pimpisut Worakajit, our General Manager, DTI or Digital Temperature Indicator can be used to continuously track the status of temperature-sensitive goods, such as food, pharma, and medical products. Operating without a battery and compatible with paper-based tags, the DTI offers an environmentally friendly solution to improve the efficiency of the supply chain, minimize loss, and ensure the safety & quality of products, all the way from the manufacturers to end users.

Many interesting discussions followed the session! We were excited to receive great enthusiasms from the packaging industry and brand/product owners.

Many thanks to Packaging Europe and IPPO - International Packaging Press Organisation for publishing and sharing the article.

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