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Sensor Expo Japan 2022

14-16 September 2022, Tokyo, Japan.

The Sensor Expo Japan is a prestigious annual exhibition and conference centered around sensors and associated technologies. Esteemed industry professionals, distinguished researchers, and prominent companies engaged in sensor development and applications converge at this event to present their latest breakthroughs, innovative products, and cutting-edge solutions.

Additionally, the Sensor Expo Japan encompasses relevant sensor-related subjects, including advancements in sensor technology, the pervasive influence of IoT applications, the integration of artificial intelligence, robotics, and wearables. This distinguished gathering serves as an invaluable platform for fostering meaningful connections through networking opportunities.

Cleantech and Beyond also exhibited our latest digital temperature indicator (DTI), which consisted of thermoresponsive sensor part and wireless communication inlays. This event facilitates an exchange of profound knowledge, enabling attendees to remain at the vanguard of emerging trends that shape the ever-evolving sensor industry, particularly in Japan.

Creating strong connections with prominent tag providers in Japan, such as Toppan and Denso, can be a significant boost for our company. Collaborating with these established companies opens up opportunities for partnerships, potential distribution agreements, and access to their vast networks, which can greatly enhance our company's reach and market presence.

Moreover, exchanging knowledge with esteemed companies like NiGK and Hitachi, who are experts in the temperature indicator field, is immensely beneficial. Such knowledge sharing can lead to a deeper understanding of industry-specific challenges and best practices, which may ultimately help our company improve the products and stay at the forefront of technology advancements.

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